We’re more than just a business to work.

  • One of the biggest parts of our culture at GS is the process of developing new start-ups.
  • We aim to give innovative services to the community in order to develop them.
  • We also want to make an impact on the world.
  • So far, we’ve been able to build programs for youngsters with the main purpose to train them and to give the opportunity to be employed.
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Check our baby startups

If you are a student, or someone who wants to take his/her career to the next level have a look at Act Smar Program. Our program includes : -Career consulting! -Scholarships to study abroad! -Different trainings! -Coaching! -Internships! -Employment!

The Inlfuencer Academy is the place where your online business will flourish. This program will teach you how to set goals, strategies and turn your ideas into valuable profitable online businesses.

Visit South Albania is the platform that every tourist or person who wants to visit the South of Albania will need. For any information you need to know about the various services offered in the South of Albania, you know where to look.

Build Your Start-Up With Us

We provide professional services for developing your start-up in an early stage.

We help you to create a unique creative approach for forward innovative brands.